We are located in Orchid Bay, Corozal District, Belize. We could just say, "follow the signs to Orchid Bay and/or Tradewinds," and you'd get here just fine. But if you're the kind who likes detailed directions, here are some. You can even click on the numbers for pop-up Google maps showing the waypoints. When you arrive, ask anybody and they can find us for you. Or phone 672-1972 or 634-5076.

Directions from Corozal Town

To get here from Corozal Town, go south on the Northern Highway to either the second road left (east) after the highway departs from the Corozal Bay. There should be a sign there showing the symbol for a ferry.

Begin going south on the Northern Highway, where the highway leaves the Corozal Bay. Almost immediately, turn left onto Bayshore Drive (the one with all the speed bumps).

Bayshore Drive is also the Corozal/Progresso Road. Go SW about a quarter mile.

The road turns right, then almost immediately left.

From this intersection, continue about a half mile south.

Jog right for a short distance. Then left (south).

Continue south and southwest to the Pueblo Nuevo Ferry.

The Pueblo Nuevo Ferry is a hand-operated ferry. You may arrive and go directly onto the ferry, or you may have to wait a cycle or two (about 10 minutes each). If you want, the ferrymen will be happy to let you try cranking for a while.

From the ferry, you go 2.4 miles south and east.

At the intersection of the road from Progresso to Copper Bank, turn left (north) toward Copper Bank. There are many signs facing you, one should be Orchid Bay.

In the middle of Copper Bank, there is an intersection with many more signs. Turn left (north) for about 0.6 miles to another intersection.

At this intersection, if you went straight you would go to the Cerros Maya Archaeological site. You will turn right and go 0.7 miles east, south, and east to the other ferry.

The Laguna Seca Ferry is slightly smaller and less busy than the Pueblo Nuevo Ferry. A delay is less likely. After departing the ferry, go 0.6 mi east and southeast to the Orchid Bay Road.

Turn left onto the Orchid Bay road (should be clearly marked) and continue east and northeast for about 0.3 miles. Say hi to the guard, and tell him you're going to Tradewinds.

In the middle of Orchid Bay, you should see the sign for Tradewinds. Turn left for a quarter mile, going around a large traffic circle.

You should see the Tradewinds Bar and Grill, it's beautiful pool, and the sea (Lowrey's Bight) beyond. Enjoy!

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